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married to the art of sonic storytelling

i compose & produce musical scores, soundscapes & songs for film, games, and anything else. 

who is elizabeth?

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Growing Pain is an intimate demo mix of 4.5 unmastered songs due to be featured on my first full-length album, Coming of Age (to be released in fall 2018).

As someone who has struggled with mental health issues my entire life, the tracks on this demo mean a lot to me. Of all the different combinations of medication, therapy, disciplined daily living, and mind-body dedication, making music still remains the most powerful and effective means of working through pain for me. Every song on this tape arose directly from a period or moment of intense anxiety or depression, and they each lifted me out of suffering and brought me into the light of meaning. I consider them gifts and loving companions. My biggest hope is that they can do for other listeners what they did for me, and help alleviate some of the pain of feeling alone and insecure. We are all vulnerable creatures longing for love and validation, and we all deserve it.

Vampire bats are the only animals (with the exception of humans) who participate in the behavioral phenomenon known as reciprocal altruism, whereby if one bat is starving, another will willingly sacrifice it's own blood meal to that bat to prevent it from dying without expecting anything in return. Written, recorded, and produced by Elizabeth Owens.

private cry

"Through their funky riffs and magnetic, collaborative stage presence, Private Cry captures the discordant confusion and manic joy of inhabiting body-spaces that often feel foreign or transient. Mostly exhausted and a little too emotional, their music is an exercise of empathic collaboration and combined self-expression, and will make you dance your gosh dang pants off."

i'm in a rad band called Private Cry with 3 of the loveliest people i know. we play about once a month in RVA and are all adorable losers. please check us out on the facebooks and hit us up for a show! privatecryband@gmail.com