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Journey of Remembering
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A young warrior has been locked away in the Tower of Forgetting by those who long ago ruled the kingdom. Crowned princess and shut away for protection, she was placed under a deep slumber and left to remain untouched. Journey with her as she awakens from her dreamy prison, escapes the tower, and ventures into the pines to uncover the true meaning of their amnesia and pain.



Elizabeth Owens is a songwriter and artist based in Richmond, Virginia. 

Their music has been described as raw, intimate, and dreamlike, evoking strong visuals and ghost-like narratives through sonic textures and candid, poetic lyrics. With a background in classical piano, guitar and vocal performance as well as sound design for film, Owens has a knack for sculpting emotional sonic landscapes, infusing their love for more traditional songwriting with complex arrangements and creative sound design that results in an almost cinematic listening experience. They passionately believe music is one of the most powerful vehicles for healing and hopes to help others heal through their own humble discoveries.

"i see myself as a child who has been beaten and yelled at too many times, and a loving adult who is learning to parent for the first time. i struggle with a lot of deep-routed guilt and paralyzing anxiety (my theory is that a lot of it was inherited from the long line of military men in my family), and much of my work deals with accountability and healing. i try my best to believe that wrongs can be righted with compassion and reverence, rather than punishment and blame. even if my inner child doesn't believe or understand that, as the adult and parent i can choose to teach and lead by example.

i make music because i can't not make music. the weight of everything becomes overwhelming until i can sing my way through it. music soothes my soul, and i hope it can soothe yours too. 

Also, I freaking love my cat."

You might find it hard to tear yourself away from the dense, dreamy world created by Elizabeth Owens on Growing Pain. This five-song EP, designed as an introductory “demo” before the release of their debut full-length later this year, is full of airy arrangements tinged with ethereal productions and exquisitely written lyrics that create its own bubble of sonic adventure and literary catharsis.

— Doug Nunnally, Dust Up Magazine