Jackson Kearney is a 22 year-old man, born in 1992, living in his parent’s house. His interests include reading, writing, watching TV and Netflix, listening to records sought out in stores far from home, playing video games, writing songs, tripping on cough syrup, going for stoned midnight walks, and practicing magick. He left his first semester of college for psychological reasons after seeking a medical diagnosis for his malaise.


Christian Meudt is also 22 year-old man, born in 1992, trying to make it through his college education. Having been diagnosed with severe depression, Christian has been on medication since adolescence, and has grappled with distracting, self-medicating habits since high school. He has always been considered a “star student” by his peers, teachers, and parents.


Devon Kohler is a 21 year-old man who, after dropping out of community college soon after high school, has decided to search for a job further from home in hopes of holding himself over financially until he comes up with a plan for his education and general future.


Elizabeth Williams is a 21 year-old woman, born in 1993, close to graduating college with dual degrees in Film and Psychology. Despite her academic stability, she feels just as confused and misguided as her friends, and only yearns to understand the afflictions she so casually witnesses among her Millennial peers. 

Kuwabara Kuwabara is a discordant combination of original documentary, scripted, and found footage compiled and composed in an attempt to express the existential confusion of the filmmaker and her peers’ situation. Co-written by and starring her oldest and closest friend, Jackson Kearney, the project also serves as a way of cathartically externalizing deep-rooted fears and generating a sense of meaning in their young-adult lives.