Daisy Warrior


Coming of Age is the debut album of Richmond-based artist, Elizabeth Owens. Loosely held together by a narrative fairy tale, the album follows the lone journey of a young princess who awakens from a deep slumber to discover she’s been trapped in "The Tower of Forgetting" for many years. Thirsty for meaning (and with the help of her past and future selves), the princess escapes the tower and ventures into the unknown to remember the truth about who she is and how and why she was locked away.

Composed, arranged and mixed by Owens, this dreamy psychedelic/folk-rock fairy tale is an intimate, autobiographical work. Home-video soundscapes offer cinematic glimpses into their emotional world, while sparkling (sometimes heavy) guitar lines paired with raw lyrics express slices of wisdom as shimmering melodic truths.


All songs composed, arranged, and mixed by Elizabeth Owens. 
Elizabeth Owens: guitar, vocals, bowed psaltery, bass
Johnny Hargrove: guitar
Micah Barry: guitar and drums
Zachary Hanson: bass
James Gibian: drums
Dave Watkins: recording engineer

My hope for this record has always been personal. Music is therapy for me, and I think these past two years a lot of my soul-work has revolved around unlearning harmful habits and myths and tapping into the old wisdom I know lives in all of us (re-membering, if you will). A major theme has been listening to my inner child and learning what it takes to be a good parent in the face of all the darkness and noise. When you’ve been taught so many ways to hate yourself and shield yourself from the world, I think the hardest thing to come to terms with is the understanding that forgiveness and self-compassion are the keys to the doors we erect to protect ourselves. Bravery and vulnerability are not mutually-exclusive; in fact, they really need each other. Princesses can be warriors, warriors can be princesses, and they can learn so much each other.
— Elizabeth Owens